Deka learns draughts!

CPD is a big topic in caring professions. Continuous Personal Development is all about making sure that care professionals stay on top of the latest ideas, issues and regulations. But it can also include slightly less ‘structured’ skills – like learning how to play draughts from one of the people you care for.

Deka learns draughts

The aim at Shine is to create a ‘household’ within every one of our 12 units. Staff and residents work together and live as a unit, helping each other. And in Deka’s case, learning together. While helping on the photoshoot for our new website, Deka was asked to play draughts with Grovelands Road resident Adrian. It turns out that she had never played the game before, so Adrian took the opportunity to teach her.

Grovelands Road is the newest unit opened by Shine. Occupying two large suburban houses in peaceful North Finchley, Grovelands Road has more than 20 beautifully designed flats, with fabulous communal spaces and gardens. It also boasts a beautifully preserved stained-glass door, though sadly, it can’t be used as the main entrance.

Stained glass door at Grovelands Avenue
The stained glass door at Grovelands Avenue

The kitchens are something of a feature at all Shine Partnerships units. Both the cooking areas in some of the flats, and the communal kitchen are beautifully equipped, allowing residents to prepare food and drinks is safety and comfort. High standards of hygiene are supported by the latest equipment. Staff and residents join in together to prepare food and cook meals.

Further development plans include a games room, and additional landscaping and planting as the garden matures.


Grovelands Road is a peaceful, tree-lined avenue, and residents can enjoy the spacious gardens, the companionship of the TV lounge or the quiet of their own room.

Like all Shine Partnerships premises, closed-circuit TV helps staff constantly supervise residents and visitors without becoming intrusive, helping to create the perfect, safe environment for residents and staff alike.

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