Family Care-eer Day at Shine

Shine working with the Department of Health & Social Care

On 19th November 2019, Shine Partnerships Limited played host to the Care-eer initiative run by the Department of Health & Social Care. Part of a wider campaign, the aim is to encourage people to take up careers in adult social care.

Addison House
Addison House, Enfield

Held at Shine’s Addison House location in Enfield, the family ‘Care-eer Day’ asked potential recruits, ‘Are you compassionate, patient, understanding?’

The event provided careers information to potential new carers, alongside family-friendly activities. The initiative is particularly targeted at encouraging recruits with family commitments and shows them how social care careers can be followed around the demands of family life.

A growing need

Social care is a skill and resource-intensive industry. Shine, which currently has more than 50 staff, is constantly looking for compassionate, patient and understanding people to join its expanding team. The key messages that the event aimed to pass on were, therefore;

  • The social care sector is crying out for talented care workers with the right values.
  • There are the right people out there but there is still a huge demand and we must reach out to more people to show them that careers in adult social care can be varied, rewarding and flexible.
  • They would like the social care sector to rally together and lend us their support again to bring to life the true rewards of caring and showcase the qualities needed to do the vast range of diverse jobs in care.
  • This phase of the campaign will continue to encourage and inspire people to consider and apply for jobs in adult social care by bringing to life the mutual reward for both those working in care and those they support, as well as showcasing the diversity of roles in the sector

The Care-eers event on the 19th November followed a ‘drop-in’ format from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, with guest speakers presenting during the morning. It was organised jointly with the Department of Health & Social Care (DH&SC).


As well as the formal and informational activities, there were plenty of things to keep kids occupied so potential recruits could discuss opportunities without distraction.

Photo - Manoj Mahtani - CEO of Shine Partnerships Ltd
Manoj Mahtani – CEO of Shine Partnerships Ltd

“Shine is a successful and expanding business. We are growing our provision, and that means we need more staff,” says Manoj Mahtani, managing director at Shine Partnerships Limited. “We were approached by the Department for Health & Social Care to put on this event to encourage more people to work in the sector. We wanted to add some fun activities for kids so that parents with childcare commitments could also come to the event.”

He continued; “Our event at Addison House was a sort of pre-run to the main event which will be held on 25th February 2020 and will be attended by the Minister for Health & Social Care. One thing that differentiates it from other campaigns is the emphasis on attitude and compassion. Skills can be learned, but carers actually have to care about people. I really do think Care-eer is an excellent and practical initiative, driven by central government, that will help make careers in the care industry more attractive.”

About Shine Partnerships

Shine first opened its doors in June 2009. Since then, Shine has developed a range of supported living services as well as an ever-expanding floating support service. The company has become a key partner for all our stakeholders and has established a strong referral stream based largely on word of mouth – achievements of which the whole team can be justly proud.

Shine’s approach focuses on delivering excellent value through close partnership working, continuous improvement, and the effective and efficient use of resources. The company retains a high-quality staff team, who provide quality assured outcome-focused service at a highly competitive price.

Shine also provides additional reassurance to our stakeholders by offering flexible levels of support for move on or during a crisis.

For more information, please go to the contact page, email or telephone; 0208 350 9770

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