Our Values


We know that we are most effective when we work closely together with all our stakeholders, positively recognising the value that each partner brings, thereby improving the chances of recovery for our service users.


We expect service users to be fully involved in the running of services and committed to their own recovery. Where appropriate we also encourage the involvement of family members, partners and/or friends.

We expect our staff to be involved and fully committed to their own personal and professional development and contributing to a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation including the individualised recovery journey for each service user.

Shine is fully committed to providing the right platform for long term success in line with individual stakeholder requirements.


We aim to create a diverse staff team that can draw on a wealth of both personal and professional experience and skills in order to provide a holistic service to a diverse range of service users. This, in turn, allows us to create an environment which fosters creativity and a culture where being different and thinking outside the box is viewed as a strength.


We strongly believe that a ‘can do’ attitude, a non-judgemental approach and treating people with respect and equality, can help to improve a person’s engagement and trust, which we believe is essential in supporting people through the recovery journey.

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