Make a Referral

There are 3 easy ways to make a referral:

Client Profile

  • Adults aged 18-65
  • Male or Female
  • Mental Health (Primary Diagnosis)
  • Additional Complex needs
    (e.g. Forensic history (inc. s.37/41), Dual Diagnosis, Borderline LD, etc)

Outline Assessment Procedure

Key features of assessment process

  • An assessment can be completed within a week if needed
  • Comprehensive set of notes to be provided to cover psychiatric, forensic (if applicable), risk and personal history as well as other specialist reports (e.g. Psychology, OT, Nursing, etc)
  • Always a minimum of 2 people involved (inc. management)
  • Initial Face to face assessment with prospective service user in their own environment
  • Discussion with Ward Manager and/or named nurse (if from hospital)
  • Discussion with Social Worker
  • Discussion with family members (if appropriate)
  • Visit to potential project (inc. 2nd face to face assessment and monitoring of interaction with staff and other service users present)
  • Additional face to face assessment and/or request for further information if needed
  • Completion of assessment report including decision, risk assessment and management plan and initial recovery and support plan
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