Shines 13th Year Anniversary

Messages to the Director

“Manoj Shine is a bar above any organisation especially in those that take on section 37/41 service users . You lead from the top , I entered a wonderful organisation that is not judgemental but believes in giving SU another chance , I had a chat with GD and he spoke how yourself and Georgia went to assess him whilst he was in prison , as I listened to his talk , he spoke about your warmth , your compassion , the same with Georgia , all staff should emulate that , and it shows with service delivery and unprecedented growth . Manoj I salute you for having the vision as I continue with my professional mental health nursing qualifications , I hope I can add to Shine continuous success . All the service users talk with admiration either directly or indirectly that shine has made a profound difference to their lives .” Kind regards

“Happy 13th anniversary to shine. It’s amazing to see your journey , efforts , care and patience which you have for us all. You are such a role model and inspiration to so many people. Your efforts have helped countless amount of people and you have changed so many peoples lives for the better. Thank you for giving us the chance to be apart of such a loving company. You are the main reason why all of the above is happening. Wishing shine a very special 13th year today and thank you for everything you do for us all.”

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